Hello Friend!

  • Fargo Island Park Show

    Aug 28 2017

    Hello Monday!

    It's a new week after a busy weekend. I'm exhausted, but had a super fun time at the Fargo Island Park Show. It's a juried art show in a beautiful park downtown Fargo...I love connecting with customers and meeting new people. And I ALWAYS get new ideas for designs - my customers are the best!

    I love watching people come up with their own necklaces. I have trays and trays of charms...so fun! 

    If I remember, I like to take photos of what people put together. Each charm has meaning for them, and hearing their stories is awesome. 

    The weather was beautiful! It was the perfect way to end summer.

  • hello new website!

    Aug 22 2017

    after months of planning, dreaming, and shooting photos my new website is finally done! i'll be the first to admit that i wasn't sure it was ever going to happen. life gets busy, doesn't it?

    so hello new website!

    hello new designs!

    hello shopify! i'm excited to see what you can do for me.

    i love that i can now offer gift cards!

    if you are a wholesale customer, you can now shop on my website! email me for more information.