5 Easy Tips to Create Your Own Charm Necklace

Aug 07 2019

I get asked all the time how to layer charms to create a necklace that is personal and tells a story, so I put together five easy tips to get you started. Once you start combining charms, it's hard to stop!

I keep a bowl on my dresser of all my charms, and I put together a different combination almost every day. The lobster clasp charm catcher makes switching them around super easy - I highly recommend it if you like changing things up!

1. Think about what matters to you, or the person you are giving the necklace to. What do you like to do? What matters most to you? Who do you love? What's most important in your life? These are all great starting places! For example, I'm a mom, I like to read, I love my husband and kids, I like my dog, I'm a Christian, etc.


2. Start with a larger charm as your "anchor" and build out around it. I like to put the largest charm in the middle of the cluster and work largest to smallest on each side. I also like balance, which leads me to my next tip...

3. Odd numbers usually look the best together. My favorite groupings are groups of three and five. They create a natural balance and look great, however you can definitely do just one or two charms! If you do, I suggest that the two charms be different sizes. When they are too similar in size they can get lost behind each other. Here's an example of a necklace with 3 charms and also 5 charms. 

 4. Your charms don't all have to relate to one another! It's perfectly fine to put a coffee charm with a dog charm. You do YOU. They don't all have to be the same theme to look good!

5. There's no wrong way to create a story necklace - create what you love! There are no rules. These are ideas to get you started, and I'm always amazed at what my customers come up with. If you love it, go with it!

Need help putting together your necklace? Shoot me a message or email and I'd love to help you get started!


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